Fenton Five

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This Fenton Five consists of quotes from the new devotional book, Short But Sure Steps On The Character Path.

5. Asking God to “bless” is asking for strength to engage, not for help to escape.

4. Anxiety is the breeding ground for greed.

3. Baptism without conversion is only spiritual cosmetic surgery.

2. Christian teaching is not for transferring information but for transforming character.

1. Your real values are not revealed by your words but by how you use your time, passion, and energy.

I invite you to take forward steps on the path to character.

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Copies of the book Short But Sure Steps On The Character Path may be purchased for $5.00 in the Church Office of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, 1114 Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL, 35209, or ordered by emailing garyfenton@aol.com.

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