Fenton Five on the Election

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5. In this year’s election, we are choosing between two people who give evidence of very flawed and sinful character. This is not the first time American voters have had to make such a choice; in fact, it is more the norm rather than the exception. Human character is flawed and always has been. We have had liars, adulterers, men who have fathered illegitimate children, and even one who killed a man in a duel over a gambling debt and an insult to his wife run for and serve as President of the United States. In the Christian world view, we should never be surprised to the find out that people are dishonest, selfish, and put their own well-being above the good of others. It does appear that this year’s two candidates may be more flawed than some in the recent past, but I am not certain. It could be that we are simply more aware of these candidate’s flaws than past presidential candidates. So, don’t use the exposed sin of these two current candidates keep you from voting on November 8 or being good citizens on November 9 and thereafter.

4. Informed voting is more than knowing the candidates’ positions on the major issues; it also requires knowing how our government functions. We have a republican form of government, not a pure democracy. Because we are a republic with an embedded separation of powers, no President will ever accomplish all that they propose during the campaign. Remember candidates in our type of government can only make proposals, not promises.

3. Three questions to ask yourself as you prepare to vote:

– Which administration (meaning the candidate and their inner circle) has a view of government most similar to yours?

– Which administration will provide the best government for the most people?

– Which candidate gives more evidence of  being willing to grow as a person? Both candidates are senior citizens and are at the stage of life that emotional, mental, and spiritual growth must be intentional. This is the most difficult question to answer and yet may be the most important.

2. There is a great difference between endorsing candidates and voting for candidates. I would not endorse the character of either of these candidates, but I do plan to vote for one.

1. Ask God to guide you as you vote but also commit to pray for whomever is elected. People with good character vote, and folks with Kingdom of God character pray for their leaders (see I Timothy 2:2). Be a good citizen and have Kingdom of God character.


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