Fenton Five Random Thoughts On Character

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5. Legalists enjoy receiving recognition for keeping the rules as it is a way to keep score. Kingdom folks are more concerned about building character than keeping score.

4. Regret leads to self-pity, which leads to diminished influence. Repentance leads to humility, which leads to increased influence. Regret is feeling awful about what you have done, while repentance is about accepting both responsibility and forgiveness, and then making changes.

3. When you are driven by the desire for acceptance, you will continually feel rejected.

2. To remove external distractions is the first step toward productive living. To remove internal, self-imposed distractions is to make a major step toward productive living and spiritual growth.

1. Have you ever noticed that you enjoy and engage worship better on Sunday if your college football team wins on Saturday? If your answer is yes, I do not suggest that you pray for more Saturday victories in order for your Sunday worship experiences to be better. Instead, ask God to help you fully engage in your Sunday corporate experience so that Saturday’s wins and losses will not be so significant.

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