Fenton Five Thanksgiving Special Edition

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5. Saying we are thankful is very easy, but being grateful is difficult as it requires both intentional self-awareness and purposeful reflection upon the goodness of God.

4. If God is good at all times in all circumstances, then we should be thankful at all times in all circumstances.

3. Genuinely thankful people are more enjoyable people to be with and more interesting to be around than those who are not.  Grateful people do not have to worry about leaving an impression because they will.   Do you suppose that is why we do not like most politicians because they attempt to impress us with their virtues rather than being genuinely thankful for the privilege of serving? Umm maybe; but just a thought.

2. As a kid, I thought Thanksgiving was an adult holiday and Christmas was for kids. …may have been partly right as there is a degree of maturity required to engage in authentically giving thanks and an innocence required to experience the fullness of Christmas.

1. All people of good character give thanks but not all who give thanks have good character. Good character requires right motives and right actions.  I invite you to purposefully reflect upon the goodness and God and to then to express your thanksgiving to God and to the people through whom God has extended His goodness and this will help you take another step on the characterpath.

Gary Fenton


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