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5. Maybe it’s because I am becoming an old man or the result of finally growing up (I hope), but I am finding the less I care about hearing Christmas clichés, the more I desire to think about and focus on the mystery of the incarnation.

4. Recently I had a conversation with a person of whom I had a negative opinion for several years. However, after this interaction with him, I realized that I had been mistaken regarding his character. As I reflected on how I had mistakenly arrived at my negative opinion, I realized that it was because of his friendship with a person who had obvious character flaws. From my recent conversation, I now recognize that his associating with an unsavory fellow was a deliberate act of grace, not a statement of endorsement. This helped me to understand why the first century religious leaders were so quick to reject Jesus. He met with people seeking ways to extend grace. Grace-givers are often mistakenly judged.

3.Here is an interesting paragraph I read this week: “By complaining people think that they are taking action to remedy the situation. Sometimes this evolves as a cultural characteristic. Radio call-in programs come to mind. It is easy to find fault with everything the politicians or businessmen do, to predict dire consequences to insinuate nefarious practices, and to feel that you have achieved something, that you are somehow better off after doing this. In reality this behavior is a nonproductive response to a threat.” The Fenton interpretation of this paragraph by Dick Stoute in the book Understanding Fear is that people who are complainers are cowards.

2. Fake news is not a recent phenomenon. In the Christian faith, we call it heresy. False teachers are continually trying to report a new Gospel or fake Good News.

1. Discipline without direction can help you become more consistent but may not help you become a better person. The direction supplied by prayer, Bible reading, and fellowship will help you do better things, not just do things more consistently.

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