Just Because We Are Talking Does Not Mean That We Are Communicating

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Families, service-based organizations and churches function similarly in that by their nature they are relational.  Communication is necessary in these entities, but too often the participants assume that because they are frequently talking with each other they are engaged in healthy communication. In the name of communication some families, organizations and service-based organizations gossip, exchange pop culture trivia, promote their sports and political preferences, vent about their hurt feelings, and announce their latest achievements.  Yet, after all the conversations they discover that “what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate,” as they realize that no one is on the same page and some are not even in the same book, although e-mails, texts, and conversations have flowed like water. Could it be that they are communicating about the wrong issues?  Below are five essential areas where families and family-like organizations need to focus their communication:

5. Values meaning what are the core beliefs about character?

4. Expectations meaning what do we expect of ourselves and of everyone else within our group?

3. Vision meaning what are the desired outcomes from the actions we are doing as a group?

2. Results meaning we are to ask the question, “do we see evidence that we are making progress toward the desired outcomes or are just talking about the desired outcomes?”

1. Faith-based reality is looking at life in light of our faith instead of our circumstances. The reality of our sinful fallen world can make us negative and bitter people.  Because of our faith we realize that God is always working for redemption in our fallen world and that we are never without hope. Faith-based reality is never defined by what we see but is what we know by faith to be true because of our understanding of the nature and character of God.  When there is authentic Christian hope there is no room for despair and bitterness.  God’s people should never wring their hands, but can always be raising their hands and hearts in praise knowing that redemption is coming. This will only occur when hope is communicated regularly up, down and across the organizational chart.

Gary Fenton

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Gary Fenton


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