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5. To be selfish with your time and your possessions reveals either a major misunderstanding of the Christian faith or the intentional denial of the Christian faith. While some new believers in and followers of Jesus may not be aware that the grace-created life is to be a service-directed life, those folks are probably few and far between and we know that as their understanding increases they will get the importance of giving. The only way selfish living can be explained in the life of long time Christian is to assume that they are denying the truth that  grace both empowers and commands a life of giving. Grace reproduces grace.  Also, they are not believing that God meets our needs. If God meets our needs, then why should we hoard to ourselves what He has given us to share

4. If the biased media make you angry, would you still be angry if their bias agreed with your political position?  CNN and Fox News are the cheer leaders for the opposing teams in the political super bowl and cheer leaders never cheer for the opposing team. Unfortunately, many assume the news media are the officials or the referees, but that is not the media’s role and never has been. In the 19th century when the print media was the only source of news there was great distrust of newspapers. During the 1850s one way to publicly question the integrity of a political official was to say, “he lies like a newspaper.” And the point of this is…. don’t let the media bias ruin your day.  And why am I bringing this up again….because so many people are allowing their feelings about the media to impact their attitude.  Realize that to be an informed citizen you need to read, listen, think, reflect and pray.

3. Best quote I read this week was from Tim Irwin’s, Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything. “Every belief must be interrogated and put on trial for its life.” It reminded me that that there is no “easy believism” in leadership or faith. The truth of Jesus was interrogated and put on trial and the resurrection is the ultimate confirmation.

2. There are character issues you will never understand until you are committed to doing whatever is right. Being partially committed to doing right will often lead us to do things that are totally wrong while thinking that we are doing right.

1. Frequently old habits need to be rediscovered. This week I returned to using the Lord’s Prayer as my prayer guide and am finding that the model prayer covers everything. It is simple, comprehensive and profound. Praying for our daily bread, the most basic need in the first century, is simply asking God to supply what we need. I frequently pray for wants and not my needs. Jesus did not say, “Give us this day our daily bread, a tall Starbucks iced latte, salad with fat-free dressing topped with bacon bits, an 8 ounce ribeye and a very small fudge brownie with a dollop of ice cream. Jesus taught us to pray, “give us this day our daily bread.” Asking God to give us what we need requires more authentic faith than asking God to give us what we want. When we ask God to give us what we need, we are trusting him to both know and provide what we need.


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