Fenton Five with an Easter Flavor

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Fenton Five with an Easter Flavor

5.Character finds its roots in hope and not in guilt, shame or despair. This is why lectures from parents or authorities often are counter-productive. The death/resurrection reality (otherwise known as Easter) allows us to experience hope even when we do not have an external cheerleader.

4.Thoughts of revenge are stumbling blocks on the character path. These thoughts often are fueled by the combustible mix of having experienced an injustice while being wired by God to desire justice. The cross/resurrection assures that sin and injustice has been, is, and will be punished.  The voluntary nature of the death of Jesus on the cross is evidence that God’s motive was a chosen act of love and not a divine revenge.

3.Giving is essential to community building. When people give, they connect with others who give which fosters and builds community.  The cross was a gift and people who receive the gift of the cross are to give their lives in service by meeting human needs in the name of Jesus.  The offerings received in worship experiences not only honor the One who gave  His son and support ministries,  they also strengthen the bonds in the  community of faith.

2.People with character not only give to worthy causes, they ask others to give as well. Inviting people to give is a way to encourage character building.  While I do not regret ever asking people to give to kingdom causes I do regret that sometimes I apologetically made the ask.

1.Hope is essential to all progress. When we lose hope we accept mediocrity in ourselves and mediocrity always leads to decline. The late coach, Jimmy Valvano, made famous the statement “never never, never give up,” while that is good, the better statement is “ because Easter is real you will never, never, never need to give up.”

             Gary Fenton

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