Fenton Five: Graduation Edition

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Below are five brief thoughts I invite you to share with the 2017 graduates.

5. Determine to contribute to the good of humanity and begin with contributing to the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of those around you now. If you are not interested in improving the quality of life of those you know, you will not be committed to improving the world at large.

4. Instead of impressing people with what you know, impress them with how much you want to learn. Avid learners are the most interesting people in the world and will never lack friends or fans.

3. To speak the truth in love requires that you first listen to the God who is both truth and love. Much harm has been done by those who think they know truth and claim to love but have never encountered the true and living God.

2.  Live with passion, but do not confuse passion with impatience. Impatience is not a personality trait, it is as sin. Those who refuse to wait on the Lord, usually are unwilling to wait on anyone. Passion is not a spontaneous reaction to what you like, but a chosen response to what you really believe.

1. Focus on pleasing God and serving others and in that order. Pleasing God always leads to serving others. While focus is the key to productivity, the object of your focus will determine if the productivity is of ultimate value.



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