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Fenton Five

5.  Character is both who you are and what you do. Regardless of how good your stated values are and how honorable your intentions, you do not have good character unless it is reflected in the choices you make and the actions you take.

4. Arrogance and worry are similar. Arrogance never asks God for help and worry asks, but never trusts God to provide help.

3. Leaders are driven by their commitment level and rather than influenced by their comfort level.   Unless you are testing mattresses or recliners, “I am not comfortable with that” is a useless sentence. It reveals that you are  having difficulty being direct.

2. People do not make behavior changes until they make belief changes. Most important changes are more the result of instruction than inspiration. If we wish to change a generation’s values we must make sure that our brightest minds with the best values enter the teaching professions.   Motivation without instruction is like an automobile without a steering mechanism.

1. Impatience is not an inherited personality trait, but a chosen character flaw.


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