Are you tired of all of those year-end requests from nonprofit organizations?

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While dining in a local restaurant I overheard a man who had a loud voice and an attitude complaining about receiving too many year-end appeals from non-profit organizations.  He said “Some years these do-gooder organizations wear me down and I eventually I cave in and give. This year they have worn me out and I am not giving to any of them.” In the past I have, on occasion, felt that way, have you?    Shame on me and shame on you.

Upon reflection I realize that I have never regretted any gift I have made to a charity or to a Christian cause; yet, I have regretted many purchases. Most of the non-profit organizations and ministries are attempting to do good with a limited amount of resources. They are helping needy and hungry people, educating students, and inviting those who live in spiritual and emotional darkness to experience the one and true light of Jesus the Christ. Obviously, there are a few notable examples of organizations who misuse the generosity of their donors, but the number is very small. You are more likely to order something from a merchant and not receive it, than you are to give to a non-profit and have it misused. If I am honest, I realize that when I have complained about receiving too many year-end giving requests, it was more about my abundance of selfishness than an excess of requests.

There are many local non-profits and ministries which will do amazing things for the good of humanity and for the glory of God with our contributions. So, this month when you receive e-mails and letters asking you to give, please send a check or go on-line and contribute making certain to be generous.   Your year-end giving may be the best thing you do for humanity all year. Giving to help the needy, to feed the hungry and to educate students is investing in the work of the Kingdom of God.  I invite you to make a major investment this month

By the way, if you are weary of people trying to get your money, don’t watch the college football play-offs. It is estimated that if you watch 30 minutes of the pregame show and the game, you will see 120 commercials. Televised commercials are invitations to spend. Charitable giving requests are invitations to invest.

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