Christmas Day Prayer

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Our Father in heaven we worship and adore you.

Thank you for sending your Son to become flesh and to live on earth so that we might more fully know and understand who You are and what You want us to become.  The words You have given us through Your prophets, messengers and scripture are wonderful, but printed and spoken words have limits.   You went beyond the limits and became the Word in flesh, living where we do.  And not only did your Son live on earth,  but He faced the same temptations we do and did not sin.

Thank you for sending Jesus, not only as a role model, but also to be our Redeemer. We are in awe that you would allow the innocent child, who lived the sinless life, to later be accused and declared guilty for the sins we committed. It is far beyond our understanding why you would permit Jesus to be sentenced to death in order that we, who are guilty, might be seen as innocent in your sight. Yet, we know through the suffering and death of your Son and His resurrection we are redeemed and forgiven.

On this the anniversary of your Son’s birth in Bethlehem, we renew our faith in and commitment to You.  We will express our faith through deeds as well as through words and feelings. We confess to You that on occasions during advent season we have spoken and sung the words of faith and have had sentimental feelings, but we have continued to live each day seeking to accumulate possessions, manipulate others, and justify our self-centeredness.  We ask for and receive your forgiveness through Your Son.

We will seek to make our family celebrations of your Son’s birth consistent with the way we will celebrate in heaven. We will love those who have not loved us just as you loved us before we loved you. We will reach out to the neglected, the lonely and the hurting in Your name.  We desire to be faithful to you by the way we love and serve others.

We honor you as Lord of the heavens and the earth and give you the glory for the gift of life and the gift of Salvation.

In the name of Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord.




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