Short but Solid Character Building Concepts

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Reading these will not build character but putting them into practice will.

  • Respond to situations instead of reacting to circumstances. Response requires you to make choices and reaction is doing what comes naturally. Since we are by nature self-centered, doing what comes naturally will most likely be self-serving.
  • Act as if everyone knows your address and cell phone number.
  • Secrecy is often the prelude to moral failure.
  • Goal setting is the first step toward accountability but not the final step.
  • Be angry and shame not. While shame may occasionally cause a temporary change in behavior, it never builds character in the shamed or the shamer.
  • If you want to show compassion listen, but if you want to help listen with discernment.
  • Your character is not revealed in your creed but in your conduct. Another way to say it is, a creed without a deed is crud.
  • Cowardice is not the absence of courage, but it is the absence of faith.
  • Begin the day with praise, if you want to live with poise.
  • If want to know what Jesus would do, read what He said and what He did.

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