What to say and not to say after attending church

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Five questions and statements church members should never ask or make following  corporate worship:

  1. “How did you feel about worship today?” This usually means, “were you as displeased with worship as I was?” Worship is to be pleasing to God and as fallen and sinful human beings what is pleasing to God is not always pleasing to us. The only people that need to like the wedding ceremony are the bride and groom as it is their day and the ceremony is their honor. Christian worship is to honor Jesus the Christ and it is His day.
  2. “Today’s worship experience did not make me comfortable.” Authentic worship often makes us very uncomfortable. In the process of worship, we may realize who we are  and that is often very discomforting. But in worship, we also recognize who God is and that give us hope.
  3. “Nobody spoke to me today.” If you are a member, it is your responsibility to reach out to both members and guests.  When folks join a church, they are accepting responsibility for taking initiative.
  4. “Too many things are changing in worship.” The church is the living body of Christ in the world and all living things are constantly changing. Principles are forever while worship practices change.
  5. “The church is just one generation from extinction.” While those who make that statement are usually well intended, they are wrong. The true body of Christ will go through difficult times, but the body of Christ will survive. This is the message of the Book of Revelation. God created the church and God will not allow the church to be defeated. We do not have to develop survival strategies, instead we are to be seeking ways to take the Gospel to more people.  Reaching people is not about getting more people to come to church, it is about helping people become church.

Five questions or statements church members should ask or make following corporate worship:

  1. “Did our worship honor God by reflecting the values of Jesus today?” Values like reaching out to the stranger, encouraging one another, repentance and praising the heavenly Father.
  2. “Did I make every guest and every member feel that God was pleased that they participated in worship?”
  3. “God was surely present in worship today.” Our certainty of God’s presence is not based on our feelings but on His promise.
  4. “What did you hear or experience today that will help me to become more Christ-like this week?”  Participating in corporate worship brings with it the responsibility to make ourselves vulnerable to accountability. Inviting people to tell you what you need to know and hear requires us to be secure and confident, but Christians should be both.
  5. “ See you next Sunday! “


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