If you are focusing on what you don’t have, you need to read this.

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5.  Generous people are looking for ways to give and are continually asking themselves, “what is needed and what is the most I can do?” Giving to the good of humanity for the glory of God does for the spirit what breathing fresh air does for the lungs

4.  People who want to appear generous give when invited to give, but ask themselves,” what is the minimum I can give without offending the person who invited me to give?”

3. Selfish people not only refuse to give, but when made aware of a need try to determine a way to gain from it. Take “slumlords” for example and unfortunately some unscrupulous non-profits.

2. Nothing will change a greedy person like experiencing grace. Lectures, guilt and shame only cause people to better disguise their greed.

1. Grace receivers who recognized what they have received will become grateful people who then become generous people. Some folks who have received grace believe they have reserved it and that eventually leads to the insecure materialism which is greed. Grace is unearned so it is free and therefore should be good news to greedy people, especially those who want to change.

Goodness and grace to you from a fellow-traveler on the character path.
Gary Fenton
twitter   @garyfenton07
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