Five More Steps On the Character Path

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  1. The effectiveness of leaders is not always measured by what they get done. Many hard-working folks achieve results through heroic individual efforts. But leaders not only work hard,  they empower others. Leadership is not  pushing or pulling others, it is empowering those you lead to accomplish more than you can accomplish individually.
  2.  Being alone is not always a choice as it can be the result of circumstances, but being lonely is a choice.  Some of the loneliest people are continually surrounded by others, yet they do not chose to connect with the people around them.  Engaging others is a choice.
  3. Grace motivated self-discipline will set you free. Guilt motivated self-disciplines enslaves you to  the bondage of legalism. Self-discipline without purpose can be as destructive as an undisciplined life.
  4. If you despise and diminish all pushback, even though you may be in a leadership position, you are not leading.  Leaders are always getting push back. Sometimes from the people they are leading, other times from the culture, and frequently from within themselves. Pushback is not an indication you need to quit, but it does mean you need to evaluate. Unevaluated pushback will always feel like resistance or opposition, but after evaluation you may realize it is a request for clarity or a needed correction.
  5. Mediocrity is not simplicity. Simplicity requires intentional excellence while mediocrity only require acceptable effort.  Many of us need to simplify our lives. Wecorrectly it will  necessarily make life easier, but more focused and effective.    Simplicity which only requires acceptable effort rather than exceptional effort is self-imposed duplicity.

Gary Fenton


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