Three Leadership Tips Plus One

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Three Leadership Tips Plus One

1. Leadership privilege can be as dangerous as “race privilege” and “wealth privilege” for leaders.  When leaders assume that they deserve the perks, the adulation and the attention that comes to them because they are sitting in the captain’s chair, it will not be long until there is resentment, and nothing slows down the gears of  progress like resentment.  Those you lead may still laugh at your jokes and verbally salute you when you walk by, but once the resentment sets in the passion heads to the door.

2.Leaders should not confuse loyalty with love.  In the name of loyalty to the cause or to the boss,  many bad ideas and practices are tolerated in an organization.  Speaking the truth in love is the way to address bad ideas and bad practices.  Loyalty should never stop people from speaking the truth in love. If a leaders do not aggressively seek both negative and positive feedback, they most likely will not hear feed back, but just repeat back.

3. A non-profit leadership thought: Several months ago,  a frustrated board member of a large  non-for-profit told me that he was resigning his position even though he still was very passionate about the organization’s purpose. He said, ”Our leaders articulate the vision and then bring on middle management folks who learn how to articulate the  vision who then hire employees who repeat the vision. Board meetings are inspiring as we hear about the amazing potential of the organization. Yet our potential is not reached. We have so many good intentions but so little accomplishments. Vision is wearing us out.”    It is important to remember that leadership is both explaining/interpreting the vision and equipping/empowering the organization. It is more fun and exciting to explain than it is to equip. Without  equipping and empowering, visionary talk is as effective as giving a starving person chewing gum.

Plus One: Leaders warn to stimulate preparation not to create fear. Bullies warn to create fear.

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