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Midlife, called by some “the adolescence of adulthood,” is known as a time when people implode—men do foolish things with their discretionary income and women become “desperate housewives.” But you don’t have to travel that path. Midlife can also be a very productive time of life—a time to develop true character and to acquire the virtue of goodness. The author takes a direct and intelligent approach to revealing the key to pursuing authentic character at midlife, which is to be good for goodness’ sake. Written in a conversational tone, Fenton offers seven values that lead to authentic character.

Your Ministry's Next Chapter
Mastering Church Finances
by Richard Bergstrom, Gary Fenton,
Wayne Pohl

In Mastering Church Finances, Richard L. Bergstrom, Gary Fenton, and Wayne A. Pohl explore how you can keep money from getting in the way and use finances instead to further the kingdom. They discuss such matters as how to keep the finance committee ministry-minded, how and when to delegate financial affairs, how to handle designated gifts, how to deal with financial mismanagement, and how to determine staff salaries.

It is true, as Paul said, that “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,” but this book shows another truth: well-managed money can become the root of much good.

Pastors are not immune to the struggles of mid-life careers. Over the years many pastors slowly lose the full-hearted passion and vision of their original call to serve God. The tendency is to slow down, retire on the job, or stop growing. Like a low-grade temperature, its symptoms are difficult to detect and seldom get reported, but its effects are destructive and tragic. Longtime pastor Gary Fenton writes candidly about the changes of ministry at mid-life and how pastors can finish strong in the second half. He shows pastors how to keep their ministries vibrant at any age and how to use their gifts to their full potential.